Forwarding Deceased (to another Funeral Home, out of area, state or country)

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Our charges for forwarding of deceased to another funeral home includes:

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Local removal of deceased from place of death
    • If over 25 miles from funeral home add $3.50/mile
  • Embalming of deceased (normal case)
    • Normal case considered to be under 325lbs, no post-mortem examination, or a non-traumatic death requiring no more than three hours preparation time)
  • Coordination with legally authorized person(s) to execute contract authorizing funeral home to perform services, preparation of death certicate and all legal documents/authorizations required under Ohio OR PA law
  • Required Certificates/Letters/Authorizations/Permits:
    • File original death certificate from certifying physician/medical examiner/coroner
    • Obtain Certified Copies of Death Certificate (if necessary) from the Ohio Department of Health and Transit Permit (cash advanced items)
  • If necessary a 25 mile credit toward transportation to nearest common carrier (Air or Train)
  • Placement of local newspaper death notices (cash advanced item)

Additional Charges that  you MAY be required to pay and MAY be added to this funeral home's charge or the receiving funeral home's charge:

  • Over the road transportation mileage fees
  • Shipping Case by Air or Train
    • Combination Tray (for Body Only)                                    $195.00
    • Airtray (for casketed remains)                                          $205.00
    • Oversized Combination Tray                                            $275.00
    • Oversize Airtray                                                                $325.00
  • Receiving Funeral Home Charge
  • Additional mileage fee for transportation
  • Gasketed casket or sealed container if deceased is being shipped outside of the United States
  • Additional service fees, inspection fees, consulate fees for deceased being shipped outside the United States
  • Air and/or Train Cargo Fees
  • Toll Charges
  • Any other unforeseen fee, charge, expense, tax, etc.


 Merchandiseand cash advance items are additional.

All funeralhomes doing business in the State of Ohio are required to collect sales tax onall items of personal tangible property.

Prices are effective as of March 1, 2020 and are subject to change without notice.

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