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Our charges for direct cremation excluding full service charge, ceremony, embalming and visitation/calling hours includes:

Basic proportional services of funeral director and staff

One-person Local Transport of deceased from place of death.

          • If over 25 miles from funeral home add $3.50/mile round trip.  

Refrigerated shelter of remains  for fourteen days. Fifty dollars ($50) per day or portion thereof.  

Coordination of all legal documents/authorizations required under Ohio OR PA Law with legally authorized person(s) to execute a Statement of Goods & Service, Cremation Authorization and for the preparation of Death Certificate and Burial Transit Cremation Permit. 

PHOTO Identification of deceased included (when circumstance allows an appropriate photo to be shown all at the discretion of Funeral Director).  

  Obtaining the Required Certificates/Letters/Authorizations/Permits: Cost (if any is a cash advance)

Coordination with County Coroner/Medical Examiner to review doctor signed death certificate and/or issue required document/statement/letter authorizing the Ohio/PA Department of Health to issue a Cremation Permit/Authorization to the funeral home. 

Obtain Certified Copies of Death Certificate from the Ohio/PA Department of Health and Cremation Permit within each health departments time frame in person or BY MAIL.

Standard Alternate Container required by most Crematories for the safe holding, handling and transporting of the deceased and by Law in OHIO (usually for persons up to 300 lbs.)   

Local transportation to the crematory.  

Basic Crematory Cremation Fee for persons weighing under 300 lbs. is included 

          • Person over 300lbs. will incur additional charges for cremation fee, Oversized Alternate Cremation Container, additional staff and equipment due to circumstance related to the movement and/or handling of oversized decedents.  

Local Retrieval of cremated remains from crematory for release to (1) one legally authorized person.  

Standard Cremation Container for cremated remains made of rigid plastic which is suitable for burial in many cemeteries including ALL National Cemeteries for Veterans and their spouses.  

Full obituary on funeral home website including photo and service information when submitted via email by person with the right of disposition or their designee. 

          • This obituary can be linked to most social media account 

 Additional Charges:  

• Local Removal from place of death

          • One Person INCLDUED 

                    o Additional person(s) to assists add $150/each person and occurrence. 

                    o Number of assistants at discretion of Funeral Director no exceptions. 

• Requests for ANY other service of the funeral home staff for paperwork, including military benefits, paid-in-full invoice requests to be faxed or emailed are additional charged at $10 per page or form.

• Funeral Director or Staff Member attendance in conjunction a direct cremation provided by our funeral home: 

• Any person’s presence at the place of cremation before, during or after the actual cremation add $250 for the first ninety minutes (90) plus one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00)/hour or portion thereof in addition to any additional crematory charge. 

          o Local Graveside Service (up to 30 minutes) add  $300.00. 

          o Local Memorial Service (up to 2 hour) add    $350 

          o Local Memorial Srv & Graveside/Committal Srv (up to 3 hours) add $450 when both are held on the same day & back to back  

• Any time when circumstances occur requiring an immediate decision from the funeral director or staff that can result to a necessary charge to the funeral account.  An example of this situation is the use of a Disaster Pouch for safety or environmental reasons.  When possible, this charge will first be discussed with the person signing the Statement of Funeral Goods & Service.  All other charges from the General Price List.  

• Obituaries 

• Placement on WKBN My Valley Tributes Online is currently included in the direct cremation package.  

          • Placement in any new print (newspaper) when submitted and approved by the authorizing agent at least 48 hours prior to the deadline - No Charge 

                                                 o Must be paid upon submission

Other charge as per the funeral home’s General Price List and will include the funeral home charge for Services of Funeral Director and Staff.   

 • Identification of Decedent  

          • PHOTO Identification of deceased INCLUDED.  Other service would include our non- declinable service charge plus the following.

PHYSICAL IDENTIFICATION will only occur after a signed death certificate has been issues and the decedent is confirmed not to have any communicable disease.

                    o Physical Identification (up to 30 minutes) add $800.00.  

                    o Physical Identification of autopsied remains (up to 30 minutes) add $1025.00.  

                    o Physical Identification of deceased when Lifebanc/Core or similar humanity gift donors, add $250-$350 to either identification above.  Usually paid by LIFEBANC/CORE  

                    o All physical Identifications are Private (up to 10 verifiable immediate family members)  

                    o ALL identifications and requirements are at the discretion of the funeral director based on circumstance and condition of the decedent. NO EXCEPTIONS 


Other service, merchandise or cash advance items are additional. 

All funeral homes doing business in the State of Ohio are required to collect sales tax on all items of tangible personal property.  (7.50% on merchandise) 

3.0% on credit/debit cards that are present and swiped - 3.5% on cards not present  (Photo ID may be required for the use of any card.)  


Easily servicing the counties of Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana in Ohio and Lawrence, Beaver, Mercer in PA  


Prices effective November 10, 2023 and subject to change without notice. 

Other service, merchandise or cash advance items are additional.  Other situation, circumstances and requests.

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